There is much pressure on couples to present themselves as having the perfect relationship. In the beginning, we are happy to let the world know of every detail but as the relationship becomes more permanent and longer lasting our ability to discuss our relationship seems to get more difficult. It can be hard to talk about relationship difficulties, even with our partners, and many of us go through periods when our relationships make us unhappy or ill at ease. The inability to discuss these feelings makes us even more unhappy and worried and we may become anxious too. Some people feel they have no one to turn to and feel the problems have become unsolvable.

Couples therapy can offer a safe space to explore and understand what is going wrong and to work together on the difficulties. Poor communication or difficulty handling conflict are some of the typical issues raised, as are problems with jealousy, infidelity, illness, constant arguing and changing life circumstances. As you are in a relationship together it is preferable that you attend together, because relationship and sexual difficulties rarely (if ever) “belong” to one partner or the other. If you don’t have a partner or s/he is not willing to attend, you are welcome to come to sessions on you own.

Intimate relationships can be tough going sometimes. While the work of couples counselling can be demanding, I do my best to help you feel more hopeful of the future, more aware of how your personal histories affect one another and more in control of how you communicate.